Wednesday, July 29, 2009

and they leave.

Today. KenKen went back to Melby for good (as to speak). It was pretty sad to see him go lo. Our "group" is slowly dispersing with everyone flying here and there. It's sad. I'll always remember our L4D sessions, and our MJ sessions, our random MSN game sessions. And all the insults thrown back and forth (mainly from me) and you being old and having a big appetite. :P or you, reminding me that I'm on a diet (-_-) (Altho, dtm has taken up your job there ;p) and yeah. It's been great having to know you and yeah. OH and that I am "high-maintainence" and is the reason why being a boy is much better for everyone and their wallet :P Altho you constantly insult my driving skillz (HAHA) it was great having you around :) We shall meet again soon! Either when we're all on our holidays back at brunei or, me coming over to Melby, or you to wherever I go, or we meet up at Hong Kong as planned with your 21K or more :D haha I'm gonna miss your kiasu-ness and you always letting me have my way cause you know there's no point arguing with me. :D

Thanks for teaching me how to play MJ. :) it's all good now.

Yeah :) and thank god for Skype and like, you not having retarded internet (as opposed to the internet in Brunei) in Australia so when we chat, messages actually go thru and not one sided. :P we'll miss you!!
lots of love x
Amelia :)

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