Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What about the breath you used to steal?

Hello! and August rings in with a bang! Well, not really. Actually it has been a pretty uneventful august :P but meh. One more month, till the UK people are out of Brunei! one more month and a couple more days. It'll go by soon enough.

I apologize to you blog, I apologize to people who come by and not see updates and therefore wasting approximately (not really, but I *think*) 5 minutes of your life. Its so ironic, how when I had school I blogged every single day, sometimes even multiple times a day. But now, when there's no school and such. I don't blog. Sort of my procrastination thing huh.

But yes, so. Kalowee came home last week! :D it was lovely seeing her as with the Golden Couple for breakfast early/not so saturday morning! :) Went over to Kalowee's to pick her brother and her up, dropped Eric off for Piano and headed for good food! It was good. The conversations we all had, filled to the brim with So much laughing and more laughing. Gotta love it. Speaking of Kalowee, I will be meeting her for lunch tomorrow!! Bonding session! :P Its funny how I used to see her every single day of my life and now, its down to like once or twice a week :( So damn sad lo.

Also, Friday was the day DTM and I caught The Proposal on the big screen! It was good. Gotta lalalove Ryan Reynolds. Total hotstuff. Haha. Sandra Bullock is gorgeous as well. Such a lovely couple. Before which, we had some thai food which totally killed my lips. They were numb for like, so long : ( But it was all good. Hehe.

My mom declared that I have to be put on a whole diet plan because I have balooned up into an unrecognizable state and she thinks its 'disgusting' that I've put on so much weight :( okay, maybe she didn't use the term 'disgusting' but it certainly seems so :P haha. So I am back to lousy diet plans since my whole plan of teddifying myself has succedded. I am a hefty 5x kgs now :( I used to be a 4xkg. It's rather depressing if you think about it :P I don't feel determined tho. So i might just terminate the whole bloody plan. I love my food too much y'know. And after having so much freedom, its just yes.

OH OH OH FINALLY WATCHED ALL THE BOURNE MOVIES! Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum. I LOVE IT! Jason Bourne is so fuckin' AWESOME! Seriously. I don't know why it took me so long to finally watch em. But he's a freaking genious! *eyes becomes big, shiny and watery* and I felt so bad for him, cause nothing was his fault and like, it was so UNFAIR that he kept getting blamed and stuff. Grr. But he is awesome. Smart and cool and like fast. Dayum. Haha *Declares one self as a Jason Bourne Fan/Supporter* HAHA rawr.

G-I Joe out this week! Boyfriend booked us a pair of tickets for Friday already. Not too sure if we're catching it tho.. I would like to watch it tho. It looks exciting enough. Cristian Bale and Channing Tatum? Rawr. Enough to make me wanna watch it. HAHAHA kidding ;p It looks exciting. and I like exciting movies (like the bourne series!!!! hahahah wtf) but yes.

I NEED TO TAKE PICTURES. Await pictures yo. If I'm not feeling lazy. Goodness knows my next post will be in another 7 days or something ;p

Lovelove x

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