Monday, July 20, 2009

Can I have this dance?

Hello! :) So I'm horrible at keeping my word it seems. I'm just SO lazy and I know this is totally ironic cause I'm supposed to have tons of time, but I really don't have much time to like, sit down and type. If you get what I mean. haha

Anyway, last week has been a lovely week. Friday was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on the big screen. and before I head into a small discussion (well, not exactly a discussion right? because I'm typing this....) Dennis, Kalowee, KenKen and I headed down to the airport along with many others to send Christopher off to the US. :) It was an emotional byebye. Everyone's leaving!!!! Its so annoying. Grr.

But yes, the movie. Did it live up to the book? No. Was Dumbledore's funeral done all nicely? No. There wasn't even a funeral. knn. And while this sounds really morbid, I really really like good funerals on screen. Did they bloody explain the whole Half Blood Prince affair? Hell no. Like, hellooo? Its called Half Blood Prince for a reason and all we get is at the end of the movie, Snape just says that he is the HBP and no explanation whatsoever. Non-readers wouldn't get it, they wouldn't know that Snape is a mudblood as well. and his mom's surname is Prince. Like, I think they skipped TONS of pretty important parts, and there was no Bill Weasley at all! And in the next movie, Bill and Fleur are gonna have their wedding, and I'm pretty sure that's a big part. And Fenrir didn't even have a proper scene! Wtf. I was waiting to see how badly scraped Bill's face was after Fenrir was done with it. Eurgh. And WTF The weasley's house wasn't supposed to just blow up in fire... right? :S And I think they focused too much of the lovey-dovey scenes. I don't like Ginny Weasley! The actress I mean, she's taller than Harry. Hahaha. And she looks way older :S a little weird. I don't know. I had high expectations for the movie since I've been reading brilliant reviews. But I'm thoroughly disappointed. Grr. And really! Tom Riddle was supposed to be a very good looking boy. The guy playing Tom just looked gay. I mean, seriously. So frustrating. And they missed the whole discussion bout the Gaunt thingo. and yes, they just completely missed out so many things. Including the beginning and all. -_- AND when harry arrives at the Weasleys...... Okay. Could totally go on but I shan't :P However. I LOVED loved LOVED Bellatrix Lestrange! Who was played by Helena Bonham Carter. Absolutely Brilliant! She looks all crazy and in character. Amazing. haha

On the weekend, had a bunch of people over for awesome tawesome potluckish Steamboat. It was good, everyone brought over tons of food! There was excess and like. It was all really really good. All down to dessert as well which included Diana's super yummy peanut butter cupcakes filled with jam and Becky mom's fruit salad. And after that, most of us went swimming. :) it was all good. I'll post more pictures soon! After I finish sorting them out to be posted here. I have however uploaded a fraction of it onto Facebook :)

Here are some of the pictures from PhotoBooth! :)

Ah for this one, you will notice that it was only after the second picture did we realise that the cam was still taking pictures :P

Lunch tomorrow with Shim&Viv, Kenken and Kalowee! Can't wait :D hehe

OH! Yesterday, after having piano class. My mom spotaneously brought me to get my hair done! So now, its not all straight and one length anymore :D And Dennis the menace was the first to see it. He thinks it looks good, but meh. Haha I have a lot of doubt. My mom says I look like WAY older (which btw, Dennis doesn't think so as well. Apparently, I'm just being paranoid to him :P) and yes. :) its all good tho. i LOVE getting my hair done. It always makes me feel good even tho I had to sit in the saloon from about 12.30pm to 4.30. :P And I felt bad cause I had to make Dennis (♥) wait for ages. ;p Its all good tho right? :D hahah

Right. I'm gonna grab something to eat because I am a pig like that.


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