Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our hearts won't stretch that far.

JAY ; OH. right. Okay, haha. I got the song from the series: Glee! Didn't know who the original singer was :P
CHLOE ; yes okay chloe. Super kua beh kui. :'( Regret okay. HAHA My eyes are open... *emo* ;p

Hello! :) I've been completely horrible at taking photos and like, yeah. Not cool. Headed out this week to see Jamie off, had breakfast with the boyfriend (♥), met up with relatives, breakfast with kalowee & KK, and tomorrow, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE! alongside lunch with lovely people :P

I am so very super duper uncontainably excited about the movie tomorrow! Reread the book a gain today, and gosh. So emotional okay. And while I am completely aware of what to expect tomorrow, like I know what's gonna happen. I'm still looking SO forward to it! After lunch. Its all about Harry P, y'know. Big fan since forever! 0.0 one of the things becky and i bonded over mostly :) As far as memories are concerned. She and I were the biggest harry geeks in class, alongside Ibrahim (haha) but yes. It's good to have someone who can discuss plots, possibilities and all those relationship thingos with. Especially when we both completely agree on certain angles ;) haha.

It's very unfortunate however that for the first time since the movies have been coming out, that I won't be catching Harry Potter on the big screens with Rebecca :( It's very sad actually.

It's sorta funny because Harry Potter has become such a big part of my life. I once read a post by someone (no idea who) that, the only reason he/she did not commit suicide was because he/she had to know how Harry P ended (and by that, I meant that the 7th book was published).. I don't know if that person committed suicide after the book was published.. (I hope not, cause yeahhh) but, it shows y'know. How one series of books, 7 books can change lives. :S But it has become a big part of my life because, I totally had a phase (when I was MUCH younger, Dennis.. don't worry ;p) where I believed Hogwarts and everything was real. Or I wanted to believe it.. and I wanted to be chosen and sent a letter by owl saying that I was y'know a witch and that I'd have to go to Diagon Alley to buy my books and my wand! And I wanted an owl.. and gosh. I was looking forward to having dinner, breakfast in that great hall. To go under the sorting hat! I have a feeling I would've been in Hufflepuff ;p because y'know.. inner-geekiness. HAHA But i loved it. I loved imagining. And i guess that helped me a lot in my sense of imagining and I think I was able to go through ugly days sometimes cause I *thought* I had something to look forward to. Cause you know lah, kids will be kids. and I thought that if I wished for something hard enough, it would come true.......... obviously not. I have learnt my lesson now ;p

And i suppose its because of that that I get deeply offended by people who don't understand why I take the book so seriously. And why, I cry all the freaking time I read book 6 and 7. (Didn't cry when Cedric Diggory died tho.. hmm) And after book 7, I mourned (HAHA) a couple of days that , that was the end. The end of the whole saga thingo. And while, it didn't particularly end the way I would rather it to end... it was okay. yeah? :)

I remember when it was just the first 4 books, HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE is my FAVOURITE Book out of all 7, hands down! I re-read them religiously, over and OVER again. I must have read the entire collection (1 - 4) more than 30 times. Probably 40 times. :P I was obsessed! *inserts picture of me with super geeky specs and a middle parting on my fringe* Yeah.

Wow, this post is rather dodgy :P now, people who come by for the first time are gonna think I'm some kind of Harry Potter freak ;p and while I don't particularly deny that... hahahahaha yes. I love harry potter. (Not him.. my favourite character is Ronald Weasley because he adds a dash of humour and he is completely adorable. Second up is Draco Malfoy because he's so .. helpless.. and YES More on this some other time :P)

And with that I shall end. LESS THAN 24 HOURS TILL MOVIE TIME. HEHEHEHEHEhehehHEHEHEHEHEHEhehehe. Dennis/Kalowee/KK is gonna have a hard time with me ;) rawr.


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