Monday, July 13, 2009

If it were up to me,

I would construct a key to your heart,
to find love and set you free. (:

Okay, so I am excited. Advanced cash sales began for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince today! Am going to check out the seating tomorrow and hand over the $$$ cause Harry P = Love. Technically, Ron Weasley. But I absolutely love the series. ^_^

Watched Doubt today. It was good, interesting and made you wonder who was right and stuff. Meryl Streep was outstanding. Loved her performance in that. She was so.. fierce, strict.. so cool. Haha And The Pianist! It is a lovely film. I absolutely love watching movies concerning WW2, I don't know why. I don't love love, enjoy it. But I find them very interesting and the thought of it engulfs me and yeahhh. But this movie towards the end was heartwarming, it was good to know that some people admist all that evil still managed to show some compassion and pity. And it was even nicer to know that after watching the movie, that it was from a real-life situation. but Watch it! Enjoyable movie and while some parts are certain to make you angry and gasp in horror. I assure you, it gets better towards the end :) A movie about survival... mmm. Next to buy on DVD is Schindler's List.

And because of movies like this. It sparks up an interest in the WW2, and stuff. Like why did it happen and what made the germans so angry and grr. Yeah. HOW DID THOSE PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT :'(

Yeah. Also realized I don't really want to get a hair cut. I don't know!!!! T_T So fickle minded. One day I want to snip em off again, and another day I want to just keep it as it is. But it's bothering me! Its gonna be nearly one whole year since I last snipped off my hair and like, I've never been throught one whole year without doing anything to my hair :0 Amazing. haha

I WANT LONG CURLY HAIR LIKE NOW. LIKE INSTANTLY. so frust. grr WHY did I cut it in the first place. God knows why. STUPID. eurgh.


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