Sunday, July 12, 2009

Piece of my heart.

NECROLIC ; thank you and I TOTALLY reply your twits okay!!! What is this blasphemy. haha and yes thank you for the control ;p
BECKY ; I don't mind just the plain ones even :) haha
DENNIS ; hahaha. of course you are ;)
JAYY ; what journey? :S
NATHANIEL ; Ooh! You're back from Cambodia! How was it? :) and thank you.
ZAY ; don't push it. HAHAHAHAH

SO. Ice Age 3 was good, SO ADORABLE T_T and extremely cute. Very very insanely cute! haha. and funny too! there was this part where it was completely hilarious. I can totally relate~ HAHA wtf Drag me to Hell was good as well. Funny and Scary. Its sorta those, boo! kinda scary, if y'know what I mean. I managed to uh, scream out loud a couple of time but that's because I have a heart of a chicken (a small heart- I THINK this is what it means :P) My mom gasped a little and it isn't very easy to scare the mother. So its all good :)

Swensons is horrible. Food and Portion and Pricing is completely horrible. Never going back again.

Friday nights @ Ken's was good. BBQ wasn't very... successfull but thank goodness for catering right? :) and it was good catching up with a certain few and seeing everyone.

Mother is making Tau Suan (?!) I think some kind of chinese dessert that involves Mung Beans and Cakoi. Lala loveee it ;D can't wait to have bowls of that.

ANd gosh, no heart to be blogging now. I'm a little hungawee. Some pictures cause I didn't bring my camera out. - I KNOW RIGHT. EURGH so bloody uh forgetful. So these are from Becky's camera. :)


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