Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just a small-town girl,

living in a lonely world.
She took the midnight train going anywhere.

Just a city boy,
born and raised in South Detroit.
He took the midnight train going anywhere...

Hello! :) I am currently craving some piping hot samosas. And for some unknown reason.. I really want to go back to Vietnam for some of their bad-ass sticky rice that we can buy off the roadside vendors in which they sprinkle sugar and coconut milk all over. Either that, or to Thailand for authentic sticky mango/durian rice... Okay. Maybe I just really want sticky rice. But I wouldn't mind heading down to Thailand. I have not been in Thailand for nearly *two* years. :'( I love that place. The food, the people, the shopping. Mostly the food tho :)

I LOVE STICKY RICE OKAY. In my SAS dream, the canteen was selling sticky rice with kaya! And sticky rice with curry. When I told my mom this, she raised her eyebrows like as tho to say," what the hell is wrong with you." But seriously T_T I need to find some and quick!

Other than me and my craving for sticky rice. I am proud to say I am now a legal driver around Brunei Darussalam and *only* Brunei Darussalam. Obtained my pink paper last night! I was overjoyed, the minute my teacher texted me to tell me it was ready, I was at her doorstep in literally 6 minutes. : ) HEHE So, today I tested the roads with mother dearest who seemed to be exagerrating. Apparently, I make her 'sweat'. She also grips the side arm rest very hard when I drive and when I'm supposed to brake/going to brake, she's already stepping on her *non-existant* brake. Her verdict? No way in hell/Hell will freeze over before she lets me drive alone for a good two weeks or so. HAHA I think I'm okay what : ( Just a little.. slow. But its all good. Parking is still my biggest weakness. Specially reversing outwards. Freaks me out so much. Grr

I'm looking forward to tomorrow! Ice Age 3 and KenKen's shindig. HAHA shindig. Gotta love that word. But I'm looking forward to fishballs *love* :) and ice age 3, apparently Kalowee recommends it like, recommends it. and Zay said it was highlarious. So I'm totally looking forward to that. Also booked tickets for Saturday: Drag me to Hell. Eversince I read the reviews/something like that 2 months ago, I have been totally waiting for the movie. Will be bringing (since I'd be the one driving her there) the mother to watch it cause I showed her the trailer and she's excited bout it too. Got pretty high expectations for the film. It better scare the shit outta me. ;p



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