Friday, August 7, 2009

My first time high.

Hello wello people! :) Only reason dtm and I skipped on G.I (who I recently, very very recently , learned from Nathaniel.. is the short form for "General Infantry") Joe was cause dtm brought to my first wedding held in a church! or first non-muslim wedding for that matter. Yes, story of my life. I am 18 and have never been to any other weddings besides muslim weddings but they all have their own sort of very interesting traditions and yes :) And i know right, total blasphemy because I'm chinese and have never been to a chinese wedding reception/ceremony in my entire life. Damn sad. But yes.

Anyway, the wedding was lovely! and very emotional and yes, lovely :) The whole church was packed like a can of sardines (obvs just a metaphor (IS THIS RIGHT)) and its so nice to see like, you know. two completely ngam couple getting married and listening to them say their vows and gah! Makes me wanna get married too! huhuhu. Just kidding lah! 10 more years okay ;p

Don't think they'll come by my blog at all actually haha. What are the odds?! But congratulations to the newly weds: Mr & Mrs Stephen Chin!

Here are the only pictures I took, everything else is in Becky's camera.

bbbestie! :)

So you wanna be my friend, so you wanna be my lover?
Oh with you, I do confess..

I can't be one without the other.
And on a completely irrelevant note. I do REALLY REALLY want to watch G.I JOE! Been reading SO many positive comments on Twitta!! :D next week okie dtm? :) AND Fauzayyy told me that Autopsy is a pretty good movie albeit a very sick one. No lunch before the movie apparently. I WANNA WATCH THAT TOO! So little time so many movies to watch SO NOT COOL.

On other news, Thursday night a bunch of us (not all depicted in photos- depicted?! wtf is that a right word. SOMEONE VERIFY!) headed over for a BBQ @ Agnes's place complete with a bouncer and good food. Alas! (HAHA so hamlet) some things came up, and I ended up being there for the bbq only. But it was all good. Food was good and it was lovely catching up with old friends :)

How long has this blog now seen a picture of the three of us?

Yes, becky is extremely enthusiastic about BBQing ;p

See, extreme enthusiasm yo.

Being merry bbqing. HAHA

Food *yum


Yeap. Pretty "happening" week (HAHA as if T_T my social life FAILS- its like instead of fml, its fmSl (f- my social life) SO LAME but true story). But it's all good. Not complaining :)

OH Wednesday afternoon, had yummilicious lunch with Kalowee! :) My week probably wouldn't be complete without one meet up with Kalowee lor. It was a good session nonetheless over Excapade and DQ yummay ice-cweam. Gonna make plans to see her and the golden couple soon! :D and TAKE bloody pictures with them! grr. haha

Righteo. I will be off now. This seems to be a pretty long post.

I still *heart* Jason Bourne super awesome.

OH OH MUST VISIT SITE/s, I've finished reading ALL their post and like, laughed my ASS off till I cried and like howling in laughter. BETTER THAN FML GUARANTEE. Haha specially if you're a fan of Kevjumba's dad :P HAHAHA

Just f.y.i tho, fob means: Fresh Off the Boat which is a slang/term/phrase (?! - fail at english) and like it basically means, people who like are immigrants in America or wherever/ not good at english. Mainly asian people. If you get what I am trying to say here. Really REALLY bad explanation. HAHA Paiseh :$

BAH. Have fun with the sites. Super good !! :D


p/s no, the diet isn't going anywhere. sucks 2 b me. HAHA

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