Saturday, August 15, 2009

Love burns brighter than sunshine.

Hello! Just realised I have not blogged for more than a week. Gah. I'm totally losing this. -.- I think tho its because I'm don't really have the time to blog anymore. Going out, movies, looking after scampy, phonecalls at night.. eating. Yes. Those have been taking up my time so much :P

I am going to blog/ish about Scamp :) My lovely American Cocker Spaniel. The one that is sleeping right next to me on my bed as I am typing this. I have been not been bruise-free ever since this little rascal stepped into our house. Every week its a brand new bruise. Last week's was on my arm and this week is on my fist.

He wakes me up in the morning by protruding his super wet nose into my face :) and responds to my mum, "Wheres your mummy??". In which he will come looking for me :) His favourite sleeping place in my room is at the foot of the piano. He has a little alien ball that he carries up and down with him at all times and he's a great big stubborn head. Plenty of kisses to give around ;p hahaha.

Actually, I am lazy. And therefore I will just post up a whole bunch of photos of my darling Scamp :)

And is it just me or this this entry sound like a primary 3 composition?! EURGH WOE IS ME. But meh.

lovelove x

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