Thursday, September 3, 2009

There's a light at each end of the tunnel.

Oh wow. I am finally back after about two weeks. I won't say I'm back, back. Probably will disappear for another two weeks after this. But for now, because I am insanely bored in the office and there is a perfectly good computer with a perfectly good uh, internet connection. I shall take advantage of this and will blog. Also, because this isn't my computer. This will be an all text blog. *Kalowee, you will stop reading now* HAHA. It's true! She doesn't even bother reading once she see too many words. She told me so herself :( dayum.

Super duper late replies that I don't think even matters anymore, but I will do it anyway just because:
CHRIS; He's not new! Got him a few months back. :) hehe
ELAINE ; I know right! He looks like he's constantly in a bad mood ;p
ALEX ; UH. WELL. ... hahaha
NAT ; why thank you kind sir :) Nope, not big at all. It's actually at its maximum size now.

As I would like to put it very uh briefly: I have very little time left. No, I'm not dying soon... much to some people's unhappiness.I'm leaving! off to start a new chapter of my life. :D I'm excited. Excited. EXCITED!

But, as usual, I digress. So as I was saying, I only just realized I have very little time left. And I actually have tons of crap to do :0 surprise, surprise. Procrastination has once again gotten the better of me. Gah. I need to pack my bags. Schedule out little appointments with people.. make time to do some personal things. and there's SO many things I want to eat before i leave.

Actually right, I was going to blog days before cause I have a whole bunch of photos waiting to be uploaded onto the blog with stories. Over the past two weeks, German has left the country for good back to Germany. Also, went to the beach with them bunch including, dtm, chloe, markus, german and dinesh! Brought Scampy along, and boy! Did he have fun :) We all had fun too really.

ALSO! Managed to catch UP on the big screen with dtm and his little bwother. It is an AWESOME film. My favourite character is DUG the dog! He's actually a Golden Retriever (like Daisy), but he reminds me so much of Scamp. Like, honestly, I think, if Scamp was given a voice. He'd sound exactly like Dug :P hehe. It is a wonderful film really. If you haven't already caught it, what the hell are you waiting for? its HILARIOUS. Made me laugh out loud SO much, the lady sitting infront of me look to her back cause I was making so much noise. It really is that funny. I wanna get the DVD so I can rewatch it!

Apart form UP, watched District 9 as well. Was it just me that felt super SUPER sad for the prawns? :( I felt like they weren't given a choice and it was SO sad! Damn. But overall, it was a pretty decent movie. Not the best, but it was good :) and a little sick...

AND watched Orphan with my mother. Pretty good thriller actually. Disgusting and made me squeal out loud a couple of times. Very suspensing. Haha.

Today, Dtm is coming by after his exams to pick me up and we're heading down to donate blood! :) Actually it was my idea. But I'm draggin dtm along :P He says he doesn't mind anyway! And it's a good thing. We have more than enough blood right? So why shouldn't we donate them so other people who need blood gets to use them? Exactly. :)

RIGHT. I have to go now! Will blog soon probably. :)


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