Saturday, September 5, 2009

So you see,

this world doesn't matter to me.
I'll give up all I have just to breathe..
the same air as you.
Till the day that I die,
I can't take my eyes of you.

ALEX ; what! haha I mean you can :) if you wanted to.
ATYKAH ; yes, big big very big fan here :)
NATHANIEL ; I'm trying! haha here's another one :p

Hello Wello :) Beach yesterday was amazing. The waves were all so purdy and big and crashing and moving. Sorta killed us off for a while there ;p hahahaha. But it was really fun. Body's aching today because of it actually. And I learnt to duck a huge wave so it doesn't hit me in the face and therefore resulting in salt very salty water up my nose and down my throat -.- Yes, I learnt it the very very hard way.

Brought Scamp as well :) Silly boy's scared of the water! But he loves the sand. Didn't get to take pictures yesterday unfortunately. Was wet head to toe. It was all good tho. :)

ALSO. Didn't get to donate blood on Thursday! :( Dtm had the days mixed up (well, I'm too blame as well. Memory is as bad as a goldfish) Apparently the days are Tuesday and Wednesday (9am - 11pm). So we're heading there on this coming Tuesday. Becky's joining us as well. Yay :) hehe

And for those who aren't aware (not that it matters to me.. since everyday is like a public holiday) Monday is a public Holiday! :) Have sorta made plans to head down to the beach again. So, we'll see. I wanna know if there'll be waves again. Because it's only super fun when there's tons of waves anyway ;p hehe


Here's a bunch of photos I found lying in my lappy. They're from Chloe's camera and date back to our Group 4 project... around May 2008? :)

Lovelove x

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