Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You make me delirious.

Hello! I just had to blog today. 09/09/09 is such a pretty date. Had two breakfasts this morning. Once with my brother at Jing Chew, then with Kalowee at Golden Leaf. Awesome Tawsome cakoi this morning T.T Been craving it for oh so long!
Oh! And I also got myself a tumblr account because it seems interesting enough :P can check it out here: :) and Becky's: We signed up for our respective tumblrs' together ;p
Then, headed down to RIPAS for the whole blood donation thang. Dtm and Becky didn't make it cause they were at school :( But it was okay, Kalowee was there with me altho she's not a fan of needles and so passed the whole process. But it was really okay! You answer a bunch of questions, then yeah.. give blood! The whole thang only took like 30 minutes. And the actual giving blood process too like 6 minutes or summin like that :) after that, was given water, cookies, drinks and an umbrella. The dude told me they're really short on blood now and like this morning it self, there were like two surgeries that had like shortage of blood and stuff :( so sad okay.

So, if you're:
  • 50kgs and above
  • 18 year old and above
  • Not pregnant, not on any sort of drugs/medication
  • In a healthy state
You should definitely give blood! It will be such a big help! They like use it in surgeries, for blood transfusions and everything! So you're helping people really. :) Also, it's completely hygienic, all new needles, new pouches and all. And it doesn't even hurt! You'll donate about a pint of blood. That's about 500ml like that. And you'll gain back all your blood in about 2 months, then you can donate some more. It really is very good. So yessss.... should definitely donate if you can!

RIPAS, blood donation centre (ground floor- you can find it near the stairs) Tuesdays and Wednesdays Office Hours.

Right. I know I am like advertising and stuff. But they are in need of blood and there's not much people donating anyway so it'll be great if people do! :) I'm gonna do it again in December. Hee hee

Here's some pictures from the beach outing on Monday with all the lovely people. Not in the pictures are Nai Kiat and Becky, and Marcus! Didn't take much pictures because I was busy jumping waves and like, was wet so didn't want to risk touching my camera :p but yes, oh wellll~~

Amelia x

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