Monday, September 14, 2009

And when the phone rings,

do you wish it was me calling you?

DAPH ; Yeap! 50kgs, which is really silly imo. Cause what if you're really petite! Like you are! 50kgs would be a lot to ask for right? :P
HEIDI ; And *I* didn't know *you* had a blog! (will be updating my links ) :P Had mind since 2005 :D And yes, got a boy boy already ;p I'd introduce if he ever goes down to Msia with me :P hehehe ♥
YVONNE ; I will! once I get some time to clear my links and change addresses :)
NAT ; Oh! I'm leaving tonight. And while I'm typing this you're prolly on the airplane now. So meh :P

It is SO on! I am going to be updating this blog pretty often for the sake of all my loved ones back in Brunei!!!! :D

So right, I left yesterday and a big Thank You to you guys who bothered to come down to the airport to send me off *love* That's Dennis, Rebecca, Chloe, Marcus, Najee, Qidah (& Carmen :P), Diana, Alex, Vivian! And Fauzi who couldn't make it cause of some health stuff.. and Adam who called cause he overslept ;p It's real nice of you guys :) Was touched.

So right now, I'm at Singapore. Slept a night. Did some shopping :) and yes. Am having my flight to London at midnight tonight. 14 hours, I am excited :D -ish.


I'll blog real soon with pictures!

lovelove x

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