Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let me go.

Okay, Hello! it's been AGES. Approx 2 weeks? But yes, I'm back at the meantime. I am going to post up a bunch of pictures from when I left till about last week. Didn't take much pictures because I don't take my camera out but you get the gist. SHould've brought my camera to the foam party (which was pretty awesome :P) but I was afraid it'd get wet so I left it at home :( dayum but oh well.

I love it here in Aberdeen! :) the people are lovely, the place is lovely, the food is lovely, everything is lovely. The university is absolutely gorgeous. I am still in awe sometimes when I walk around campus. I LOVE MY ROOM! :D it's so homey and lovely ( i need more adjectives plz :P) and like, it doesn't make me very home-sick so it's good :) Plus I live just 2 minutes away from like the main buildings so it's so easy. I love the weather. Everyone says it's gonna be miserable and not very nice but so far (about 2 weeks now) the weather has been lovely! Sometimes I get to go out in a skirt if I'm lucky but overall it hasnt been lousy or whatever. Today was cold tho, about 7 degrees. But it's all good :)

Everyone's been hit by the fresher's flu! So have I and I've been looking around for good cough syrups but it's so bloody difficult to find. Oh well. I'm gonna bring some from home the next time I go home to Brunei.

I've also started my lectures and all and it's been cool :D hehe. Falling asleep already I'm thinking of drinking tons of coffee before my lectures (one specific subject) but yeah. My timetable is pretty awesome. I get Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off! So it's all good :D Hehe.

I'd type more but I'm suppose to go out real soon. So enjoy the pictures. So sorry I'm not captioning them. I'll try to take more pictures soon but yes. :)

Also, I have to say. I LOVE FISH AND CHIPS! (and shitload of peas). I had it like 4 times in a week. I am going to come home an obese Amelia. WAIT AND SEE :D

Lots and lots of love,
Amelia x

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