Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stand by me?

Oh gosh, the wind outside is horrible! But today has been a wonderful day nonetheless ^_^ I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT MY CAMERA AGAIN. So mad. But oh well. Had lunch with Helen at this Dracula castle place thingy where they had like mad awesome Fish&Chips. It was heavenly, seriously!!!!! After which, we went shopping! Shopping = Happy Amelia but of course I spent 'wisely'. How else would I have spent my money? :P

But not the point, I was walking back to the bustop right and the wind was SO heavy like, it was literally pushing me back and I couldn't walk forward (and the fact that I was wearing a skirt did not help at all) and this old very elderly couple walks past, with the wife clinging onto the husband who has a walking stick and is walking against the wind. She sees me struggling and says to me, "you need to start hanging on to something!" To which I replied, " I've got noone to hang on to! :(" haha. It was true tho, but it was SO SWEET seeing such an old couple, with the wife relying on her husband. And they were laughing about it together. IT WAS SO CUTE! T.T I want to be like that when I get old. Haha. :)

Right, that's about it. I'm not going out tonight because the wind is scary and I am freezing and I cannot be bothered to dress up and go out. I am having a quite night in :D and am probably gonna get some 'homework' done, maybe :P


Amelia x

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