Sunday, October 4, 2009

Run this town.

My skin is dry as what. T.T

NAT: I LOVE MY PEAS UNMUSHY! Oh my gosh, we have to have fish and chips together! I LOVE IT TOO!!!! DAYUM
DIANA: I know right! :P haha
ZAY : yes, patience young jedi. You'll see an obese amelia soon enough.

Just a quick one here :) I'm heading out in an hour to pick Alice up from the trainstation, meet up with Helen and then CHINESE for dinner! Yey :) Apparently, there's this pretty awesome place with like an all-you-can-eat or something like that. Hurrah!

I should be attempting to do some homework but I really cannot be arsed! My hair is wet, I cannot be bothered to do it nicely because the wind is horrid anyway so I'll end up tying my hair. Skyped with mommy just now and my flatmates must think i'm insane cause I kept screaming into the lappy. Harhar :P I love super hot steaming showers tho. They feel so worthwhile :)

Alrighty then.

Amelia x

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