Monday, October 12, 2009

Maybe 6ft isn't so far down.

ROSLEE : Hey! :) Howchu doin?
TING: Haha, yes :) It's been 4 weeks abroad now. And I know right, it seems soooo long ago. Thank you! ^_^
NAT : Yes natty, that would be the best advice to not get into such situations :P I dont have a pepper spray tho.
ALEX: Hi ALEX! :) haha and yarz I really dont think martial arts will do any good. I can get a rape alarm for £2.50 tho. Haha it's cute-ish and makes the loudest most annoying sound eva.
CHRIS: I am! Plus, you skped with me a little. So it's all good even if you couldn't talk :P
JIM: I do! But sometimes i just can't be arsed so I completely just ignore it :P hahaha
SHEV: Why hello miss. :P

So you guys must see the pattern now. I sorta update once a week or something. I might do more when I uh settle in more :P I love uni life (so far in)! I'm pretty sure I won't be saying that when the load of assignments and crap I don't get start coming in but for now it's been absolutely lovely :)

Last week was really busy tho. Had sleepovers for about 5 days in a row. Tonight we're gonna have another one! So it's all good. Gotta love a room filled with crazy girls just talking loud, (probably annoying the shit out of my neighbours) and laughing till we fall asleep. It's all good :)

Konstancja might be dragging me to a gymnastic class tonight. I don't know! I'm SO not flexible -_- but yeah, we will see. I am so lazy/ I hardly do any exercise and all I do is nom nom nom eat eat eat non-stop. It's no wonder I'm expanding sideways (don't judge me! :P) haha I really miss like real chinese food back home tho. :) Soon enough, soon enough.

I LOVE the weather here! It's so nice and cool with just the right amount of sun. I love it! :D OOh, I'll do another post of my favourite buy so far!! (And i've done a shameful amount of shopping T.T) but this one is just the best so far. I love it! Not worn it yet but yes. Some other day.

Pictures! Because I need to cut the post short cause I need to clear my room/print some crap/ collect calculator and reply emails! Gosh, i apologize to people i owe emails to!! I've been horribly busy. Gah.

Had dinner last night at an awesome spanish restaurant/bar :D
unlimited tapas for £10!! But we had to pay for dessert and drinks so it came to about £20/person :P I was lucky tho, Shev's boyfie: Jin, paid for my dessert (which was very nice btw) :D

Helen :P

Yes, I was really not ready. That's Jin!

With sheeeevieee :)

Alice& Helen :)

Awesome Sangria!

Believe me when I say. BLOODY AWESOME FOOD! I finished everything-ish :P
+ a caramel dessert and sangria = so fulfilling meal :) :)
I do hope every one of you are good and well :)


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