Thursday, November 12, 2009

And you feel like dying.

For a bit, then that's when you have people who come round to pick you up.

People who have mcdonalds with you at 10pm,
People who go crazy buying crisps and maltesers and tons of beer,
People who sit with you talking till 3 in the morning.
Comforting, hugging, telling you that you're worth so much more.
People you can count on.
People that you learn to love.
The sort of love that don't runaway just cause you're not within a 15 minute radius from each other.
The sort of love that stays and never leaves.
The sort of love that doesn't make you feel like complete shit after wards.
The sort that makes you happy and makes everything so much worthwhile.
The sort that stops all the lingering horrible thoughts at the back of your mind.

I'm grateful for these people, my friends.
I love them to bits and pieces.

Here's to a whole new chapter of my life.
It officially starts now.

Amelia X

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