Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sexy Love

I know, I know. Updating twice a week! Amazing innit? haha Em, yes. I'm home on a nice rain-less saturday night. Decided not to go out at all because, I am having a massive headache so I'm opting for a more relaxed chilled out evening/night. :) :)

So far, today I have watched Seducing Mr Perfect with the ever so gorgeous Daniel Henney, My Sassy Girl (the english version) altho, in my opinion, I rathered the original/korean version. Seemed more realistic, if you know what I mean. It still made me cry tho. I had slightly puffy eyes at dinner and Mia was like wtf haha. After this I am going to watch Windstruck (lovely movie!!!!) and Konstancja should be coming over at about 9ish. So I am all sorted out for this evening. it is all good :) :) :)

Heading out for Sushi tomorrow night with the girls + Fabian (Mia's puuuuuuuuurrrrrfect boyfriend. HAHA) I am excited. I love and MISS sushi so damn much. Eventho I only just had it two nights ago.... at like 10 at night :P haha it was spontaneous ok! :) But it was all good. I have missed those little rolls with seaweed and raw salmon... and gosh! But yes, so I'm excited bout tomorrow! Will take pictures if I can :)

Speaking of pictures, y'know how I completely killed my poor Lumix camera? Yeah, had to buy a replacement or else I won't have any pictures at all and we all know pictures are so very vital especially on a night out and you wake up wanting to know what exactly happened the night before? you get what I mean? :P haha

OH also spent the afternoon sorta "bonding" with the boys from my floor. Haha watching InBetweeners which was hilarious! it was so typical boys it was funny. And having instant super noodles with chocolate and everything unhealthy. But whatevs, completely LAZY today! I even went to dinner in my home clothes! haha that's how lazy I am today. All I did was pop on a jacket and was out of the door. :P I am horrid but meh.

Some pictures from last night :) :) Went out with Konstancja. Started out with a beer tower (5pints of beer for only £10!) and it was finished in about an hour while having LOVELY meaningful talks bout life. Then we headed over to a house party where, things were interesting....... hahahaha Only a few pictures tho. The rest will be on FB! So you'll be able to see them. Kons will be going thru each picture to see if they can be posted up ;p hahahah gosh.

gotta love her ;)

Lots of love!
Amelia X

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