Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A twist in my story.

I am SO GOING to say this everytime SOMEONE pisses the crap outta me.
(I do hope I don't burst out laughing afterwards tho, I always do when I say it right now :P)

Absolutely BAWLED my eyes out during their wedding. It was so beautiful T.T
Jim & Pam 4EVA! :) :) :)
Halloween 2009 has certainly been the best SO far! only really really bad points are that I completely screwed my camera up so that probably means no more pictures till I bring it back to Brunei to get it fixed :( :( This sucks, maybe I shall invest in a cheap one in the meantime :P but yes. But it was great nonetheless! Everyone was SO dressed up it was SO cooL! The streets were filled up with like the weirdest things ever! A flashes, a milk carton, an energizer battery, and everything. Went as the Incredibles tho (if you're a fb friend, you'd probably see the pictures on the ever legendary facebook :P) with Becky and it was SO FUN getting dressed up with friends :) will defo dress up next year again :)

It was really funny cause thruout the night people kept asking us which incredibles we were and like, we kept saying we were Limited Edition ones called Galaxy (Becky) and Milky Way thanks to chocolate bars :P ahahahaha and we had special secret powers :P there were tons of other incredibles tho .. like there was this guy with lights around his logo! it was so clever! hhaha

I will blog more often, keep checking back!

loves X

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