Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby, are you down down down down down.

3 songs I'm currently addicted to:

Paramore - The Only Exception.
Ke$ha - Tik Tok
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

I don't even think anyone reads this blog anymore. My bad :$ I'm a horrible blogger. Can I even be considered as a blogger even. Ha-ha.

Anyway, was going to make myself a hearty bowl of porridge with tons of honey, but I hear talking in the kitchen and I am feeling extremely anti-social right now so I scurried back to my room.

This weekend is going to be lovely, having yet another pub-crawl this Friday with the girls + M and Fabian. Loch Ness (Esther!!! I'll try to spot nessie for us! :D) on Saturday as well as a Birthday Party at night. I'm pretty excited. Any reason for alcohol is a good one. Hehe

Also, watched Paranormal Activity last week cause M and I both agreed that horror movies should always be watched in the theatre. And, so we did. Damned movie totally let me/us down. After hearing all the raves about it. Totally didn't live up to its 'title' Scariest movie of 2009? Me thinks, if it really way 2009 must've been a really bad year for horror movies. Honest to god. The damned movie didn't even freak me out.. not even a little bit.

Tomorrow however, M is bringing me to watch 2012 which is quite a pleasant surprise cause we've been watching movies on our laptop almost every night (^_^~) and after skyping with my mom who says that 2012 was good. I was like," I wanna watch 2012!!!" and M is like,"okay, let's watch Thursday okay? why don't you check the time?" And I'm like :D :D :D yey :D hehehe He thinks we should watch 2012 on the big screen cause its the sound effects that should be focused on (or some thing like that)

19 more days till I'm back on Bruneian soil! :D I can't say I'm overjoyed but I'm definitely looking forward to it. I am missing SO many people. Like, excessive miss! I wanna go up to them give them a masssssssive hug and talk about everything without worrying bout lousy internet connection or the time difference. :) I am also missing a bunch of food. I woke up with the biggest BIGGEST craving for fried Bee hoon kosong just two days ago. It was horrid! Whole morning all I could think about was fried bee hoon T_T it's so depressing.

Found a place just now with Mia, where we can get good and cheap sushi! The place isn't very lovely but the food is and they serve like korean food as well so I'm going by again sometime this week to pick up a bowl of japchae for myself :D I cannot wait! I absolutely LOVE japchae! :D heheeee

But yes, tonight is a quiet night. Just had a two hour chat with Alice. M is out with the boys tonight and is going to get excessively drunk so I will not be seeing him tonight. First time in like a week+! gosh. Haha Needy much? ;p hahaha but yeah, I'm just kidding. It's all good :)

I'm in a good place now. in a pretty good place. I like this place :)

Amelia x

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