Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside.

Here I am, another entry. I think people have given up tagging. haha! I totally understand tho, I have sort of given up on this blog. Which is very sad really, I've had it since 2005. I'll be going home to brunei soon tho so I'll definitely be blogging more often. I think it's the layout! I need to change it. I will as soon as I settle back home :) :) I already have an idea for the layout already. I wish I had JASC on my mac so I could just get it over and done with. Grr.

Tonight, we had a pleasant surprise at dinner. Christmas themed! :) Scotch broth, Turkey with cranberry sauce and gravy.. chocolate and cheese cake, and we even go party hats and novelties! Ah.. sad times tho. I am no longer a pescatarian. I have decided to give it up completely so I'm having meat (when I have to). So its been 11months and 8days worth of not eating meat. I think that was a pretty good try, right? :) I think I won't be turning vegetarian in the near future. However, after my education and everything I think I'll give it another shot.

The trip to Loch Ness was an amazing one. The sight and sounds.. okay. not really sounds. but the sights were absolutely breathtaking :) It was a very rushed day nonetheless. Set my alarm up at 5am but only woke up at 5.22am with the cab coming in at 5.30am. Had to get ready in 5 minutes! Made it down at 5.33am. Impressive eh? It was all good tho. The train ride (2.5hours) wasn't too bad as I was super exhausted and therefore fell asleep like a baby :P and when we reached there and had lovely breakfast everything was good again :D

I have been eating and drinking unhealthy amounts of just about everything! it is quite worrying :P nobody is going to be able to recognize me back home! I'm serious! :P it's quite horrible but I am looking forward to all the glorious food back home! Really :) :) :) I already told my mom that the first thing I wanna do when she picks me up from the airport is that I wanna have lunch!!! :D I am thinking either the fish ball place (Yit Sum) or Teo Poi Hoon or somewhere with dimsum! I'm not kidding. I MISS DIMSUM! I can't find any here. I miss RICE porridge and CAKOI. Oh my god I miss cakoi so much. SO UNCOOL! but yes.

Tonight is going to be a quite night :) it's been two weeks.. and it's been a fast two weeks. Happy two weeks even! So we're heading out for a walk by the beach and I am certain I am going to freeze my ass off but it'll be nice to just head out and breathe in some fresh air and everything. :)

Lots of love,
Amelia x

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