Monday, December 21, 2009

Beautiful, please don't hurry.

It's 4.18am, and I've been awake since 1.30am. I hate that because of the time difference, I'm awake and sleep at the wrong time. Am at Changi Airport, having a wonderful cuppa of Toffeenut Latte and a banana muffin :) super good combo really! First thing I have after landing was a good bowl of Kolo Mee with pork & Salted fish balls. And seaweed soup! it was all good :) Spent the night drifting in and out of sleep, over all I probably only had like 3 hours sleep. It was horrible :( In two days I've managed to sleep for 3 hours. SAD TIMES.

Plane ride over here was bearable except for the fact that there was a horrible kid at the last 45 minutes of the damned flight, screaming his fucking head off. Wow, pissed the shit out of me and so many people and it wasn't like.. short screams. He was screaming the WHOLE time, like "ARGH! ARGH! ARGGGGGGH! ARGGGGH! ARGH! ARGH!" Oh my god. Crazzzzzzzey.

And because of the whole conversion shit, suddenly things back home/in Singapore but I'm sure in Brunei as well is looking way expensive. Haha so used to seeing everything in £s! Like, the caramel waffle in Starbucks is £0.75 but, in Singapore it's a bloody $3.30. Damn sad. but oh well.

3 weeks in Brunei. 3 weeks of food, glorious food. 3 weeks of no laundry or cleaning up. 3 weeks of sunshine and rain. 3 weeks of listening to the typical bruneian accent (:D). 3 weeks of driving about! :D and 3 weeks spent with loved ones. I'm excited. Sad tho, 3 weeks without M. But that's life right? can't have everything we want. :(

I am restless now. I am not even hungry so I can't/wont buy something to eat. Still have 4.5 hours till my flight. FMLLLLL gurh.

Can't wait to go home. I wanna see everyone!!!!!!!!!!!


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