Friday, December 18, 2009

& I love the way you call me baby.

I am sitting down in my room, with my sheets stripped off, 2/3 of my laundry in the wash, wearing my shorts and a tee shirt and I'm thinking, wow in [(24 x 2) + 22 ] Hours, I will be back home on Brunei Soil! Probably on my way for some grub or something. I am excited and nervous! and so many feelings, I'm not too sure off :) My luggage is 100% overweight, i am dreading the extra charges but I can't help it! M and the boys says it's about 15 - 18kgs, but I realllly don't know how accurate they are so I am going to just wait for it.

I AM SO ADDICTED TO PAOLO NUTINI - LAST REQUEST! Was singing it while walking and Alice proudly proclaimed," you know where he is from right?" and of course I answered," uh, scotland?" :P haha but yes. I absodutedly LOVE his voice. So niceeeee.

Damn I am really worried bout my luggage now. Gurghhhhhh!!! -_-;;;;

Gonna wait for M to come home so I can go lie on a bed that actually has its covers on. Can't even sleep on my own bed tonight :( :( Cause I don't wanna put the new covers on. I'll do that when I'm back here 3 weeks later. He he he


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