Thursday, December 24, 2009

Take you down.

Hello! :) Eve of Christmas. Unfortunately, Christmas has never been a big thing for me. It's like any other day. Not that I mind really.

But everyone else, I hope you guys have a lovely happy Christmas! :) Filled with joy and peace and everything sugar spice nice. :D

Spending day tomorrow with mummy and daddy. Of course more mummy than daddy lah! but still :) it'll be a nice change.

I hate the weather in Brunei. I'm never missing the heat and the sun again. Finally remembered why I have such a huge hatred for the sun and the humidity and the HEAT. Oh my god. I hate the heat. I will be happy for -ve weather back in the deen.

Speaking of which, I have come to realise that 3 weeks isn't very long. It's like.. 16 more days till I'm on the plane back to wherever. Interesting. WILL I HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO EAT EVERYTHING I NEED TO EAT TILL I'M SICK TO THE BRIM?!

And i forgot to mention, I came back home with 26kgs in my bags. Ha-ha Thank god they didn't ask me to pay for the extra baggage.

AND, you remember the camera I (well actually someone else :P) busted during Halloweens? Dad says he'll get me a new one. SO IT'S ALL GOOD :) :) :) hehe

I'm already thinking about my birthday presents. I'm not too sure but I sure do have a very good idea. Am I horrible? my birthday isn't in 4 months! :) :) :) hahaha

Yes, will do with a nice picture post in due time.

Till then,


lovelove x x

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