Thursday, March 4, 2010

More than just holding hands

Hello! :) I have found solace in online shopping and returning them when they don't fit. Makes me oh so happy! it's like, I can order as much as I want, try them on and if they don't fit I can send em back. It works both ways. Its a win-win situation. It is awesome :D although, most of the times I realise it does look nice on me and then I don't return it. It usually happens 70% of the time I can say :P Uncool.

Anyway, how is everyone doing? I am doing just great! 3 more weeks till easter holidays then 3 weeks of holidays and 1.5 months before I am done with my first year of uni! How exciting right?! Time flies by so fast it's surreal. Grr

My hair is growing fast! I can't wait till it reaches my waist! I've got about another 4 inches to grow I think. How long will that take I wonder. Hmm.

I've been properly cooking, making soup from scratch and everything! I'm gonna start to try make chicken rice this sunday because I have been properly missing thien thien chicken rice :( I will try hard to achieve that lovely smelling rice! Can't wait. Need to confirm the recipe with mummy dearest :P haha!

I need to take pictures to post here! or actually, i think full text paragraphs are fine right? Just to update people I don't really have time to keep in touch with anyway.

Been looking at flats and houses and I think yesterday the girls and I have found the perfect one! it's so quaint and lovely and oh gosh! we all fell in love straight away!!! So fingers crossed we get it.

I am excited for the holidays! whee


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