Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Through with playing by the rules

Hello :) Was gonna post up a couple of pictures but cannot be bothered. Actually, these couple of days I cannot be bothered with plenty of things. I need to make a mental note to stop that.

Spent nearly an hour with Julia after dinner rearranging my room. Now it seems to be more welcoming with more space. I am actually contemplating whether or not I should buy a small table to put in the middle of my room :P or like a little rug/carpet. I want to get a bedside table too! Although, i have a chair next to my bed that sort of channels that sort of purpose. I do really need a full length mirror tho. There's apparently a narrow but cheap one at Argos for £20 so I might check it out.

And my keyboard on my laptop is SO retarded now :( Half of the keys are not working and I have to keep "punching" my keyboard to get them to work. I need a new laptop as well but I won't settle for anything less than a new macbook so I shan't bugger my dad for one new one. Been spending so much money, I feel so extra super duper guilty. But.. I can't and won't be able to find a job anytime soon so.... when I can then I'll ask :P

Also, favourite food cuisine at the moment and probably will be for a long time: Mexican food! oh my gosh. Nachos and burritos and chimichangas all make me *droool* I probably would have them EVERY day if I could afford it. I'm trying to have it once a week now. It is SO good! The spiciness and the yummyness of everything mashed together. Amazing flavour. We need to get a mexican joint up and running in brunei! somebody! so that when I return in June, i won't miss it too much!! :P

Only 2 more weeks till end of the term. Am i excited or am I excited?! I'm mostly nervous for the last week actually of the holidays I mean. About the Berlin trip :) Excited, nervous, nervous, nervous. Some people would understand why :) hehe. but yes. I am freaking out about things to wear, about getting there and everything! I hope to god weather will be good by then. Apparently now it's still snowing and I hope it doesn't snow in 5 weeks because then I'll have an ugly snow jacket on in all my pictures :P haha!

Speaking of weather, did you know that Aberdeen is the place in Scotland that gets the most sunshine? :D Sooooo like everybody who keeps telling me it's gonna be grey and murky here... yeah. you're so wrong. Spring has officially started for us and the weather is amazing! I love it! It's sunny and not tooo overly cold. It's a little warm is the sun is directly shining on you. Some days it's cloudy and oh gosh. Gorgeous weather. I love it. :D

Right. I need to take a shower before i feel too lazy and end up doing fuck all. :P

Lovelove and I will try and blog more :P

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