Monday, March 22, 2010

Cause you are amazing.

After my 18 years and 11 months of existence, I can proudly say that I, Amelia Lau is capable of riding a bike on her own!!! Max spent time in the afternoon, well... an hour ish teaching me how to and by the end of it, I'm riding it by myself all round the field and yeah!! and he's standing at the beginning watching me.. I am SO proud of my self! :) hehe. Ah! So exciting.

I was a little skeptic in the beginning cause I thought I was gonna piss him off so much cause I'm quite slow in the head and I think I was but like after a while it just got to me. and I was biking! GAH! :D hehehe Love it!

Right, I will update ASAP! :)

lots of love,

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