Friday, March 26, 2010

You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand

So, I'll be blogging a lot more this week. Will be alone for the first 3 days of the week because everyone will be gone and I actually have to wait till Thursday before I get to go down to Stirling/Helensburgh/Glasgow to visit Alice :) SO I'm pretty excited! The 3 days (will 2.5 to be exact) will be quite shitty tho, but I think it'll give me time to do some work and stuff since I probably won't have time to do any of those after that 2.5 days. So the plan is, after visiting Alice for the weekend, I'm back for a day and the boys: Nathaniel, Yong Bo and Shimmy! will come on a Monday morning and they'll stay till Thursday. Planning to show them around Aberdeen, down to Stonehaven and maybe visit a distillery and then I've planned a trip to see Loch Ness for them already. Gonna make Chicken Rice for real with roasted chicken from Sainsburys!! haha And on Sunday I'm off to Berlin! Got the weekend to pack and look for gifts, I am freaking out, can you see? :) Will be there till the Friday (16th) and everyone will be coming home on the 17th, except Max who'll be back on the 18th, cow, and then term starts on the 19th!

Yes, that's my Easter break plans summarized in one single paragraph! :P I'm SO excited lah!!! :D I will take plenty of pictures and do a nice blog, hopefully :) I feel so bad when I'm reading my archives cause I haven't been typing much and there's nothing much to read. Future me is going to be utterly and most disappointed with me when she wants to read what I did in 2009/10 or something like that. But I apologize! I'm being extremely lazy and lazy okay! Haha, i'm turning mad. I'm even typing to my future self now. Sad times.

Anyway, last night, I joined M on one of his weekly gaming sessions alongside Julia who went with Jesus (yeah, not his real name. It's Duarte but it's easier to call him Jesus). I was pretty curious I guess cause for the past two weeks, Max had been coming back at 7.30 am/6am after gaming for the ENTIRE night/morning. It wasn't too bad for us tho, got to come back at 3am :P because the host's (Suavec) girlfriend just got a rock band set for her birthday it was the game to play that night! :) it was most enjoyable albeit being in the presence of one really drunk person. I love guitar here/enjoy playing it so much. And I guess one of the reasons M asked me to join him that night is cause I've just randomly made a comment one night saying that I felt like playing a game or something :) It's little things like this that makes me absolutely love him :)

One of the many reasons why I've decided to privatise this blog is because it just hit me. I don't really want that many people reading what I have to say at all. I'm okay with the small number of you who has expressed their interest in reading my crap and I'm okay with that. But the world? People I really do not want reading and knowing about my personal life? So yeah. That is why. I'd be wanting to write about my feelings, my boyfriend (but this story another time :]), my life in aberdeen in depth.. and I don't want people I know who will judge me (not that I'm saying you guys won't :P) and like i dunno if I'm even getting my story across properly! hahahah i bet some of you won't know what I'm trying to say which is totally fine. I dunno how to justify my explanation. Crap at explaining stuff :( sad times. But anyway what I'm trying to say is I just want to be able to type and type and type what I wanna type and not have to conceal shit. I trust you guys to not tell on me/spread stuff?! I mean no point also lah. I'm not that interesting. hahah


This post is very random, I apologize haha! I will be posting up things that mean well soon! hahaha

lots of love,

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