Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't let me go.

I need to blog this. I know it's not big deal but I need to because it's a first!

I went to bed at 6pm last night and woke up at 10.30 am this morning! I have a splitting headache but it was so worth it because then I've paid back the sleep I lost two nights ago when I only had a sleep for 2 hours. My back hurts too! and it's so stormy outside I'm sure I'll lose a leg if I walk out now. Soooo I've got nothing to do except sit and sit and sit somemore. Maybe i'll have some food. yes, that's right. Food is the best. Oh so convenient. Gah.

Anyway :) I don't understand why it's so stormy :( the weather has been perfect for the last couple of days. Urgh annoying. I'm heading down to a friend's later to cook some mince meat porridge with cakoi (OH MY GOD I KNOW RIGHT!) and then we're heading down town to catch Alice in the Wonderland 3D so I'm pretty excited. Have yet to watch a film in 3D. :) hehe

Tomorrow the the last day of me being alone in the halls! cause I'll be hoping on a train first thing in the morning on Thursday, literally. The train leaves at 8am to visit Alice! :) exciting. Hehe! Then when I get back on Saturday, Julia would've been back from Denmark already so it's alllllll good ^_^

Right, this splitting headache is killing me! i better get some food now.

Lots of love love love

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