Thursday, April 1, 2010

but my words don't come out straight

hello! I'm typing this post out while I'm sitting on a train to Stirling. totally love the wonders of technology :D Alice should be in the hour drive to pick me up from helensburgh where i'll be staying for the next two nights :) lovely people for letting me stay over. Apparently her mom is like an older alice. can't wait to meet her! Met her dad once when I was in my extremely short shorts. long embarrassing story :p haha

anyway, so they'll be bringing me to see a castle today. :D Glasgow for shopping tomorrow! I've got a budget to follow.. believe it or not! I'm spending so much money here it's not even funny :( april may june I'll have to scrimp a whole ton. sadly. oh well :) my own ruddy fault.

the train ride is supposedly 2.5 hours and I'm thinking about it right... doesn't time go by so much quicker the older we grow? when I was young I couldn't stand the 2 hour flight between Brunei and Singapore but now... it just goes by like that! haha must be because I'm so used to all the hour classes and everything. just goes by quicker.

this morning while I was on the taxi from the halls to the train station.. had a lovely chat with the taxi driver. when I was young I always wondered in fascination how my dad always had the nerve to just talk to anybody! even if he didn't know them and now I get it. its not that difficult. if you want to talk, there will surely be a way :) this morning's topic was the weather and committing suicide cause apparently one of the bridges we drove under is a very popular spot to commit suicide. Sad but true :( hmm.. apparently the last guy who tried only ended up being terribly hurt. which must suck ass because now he is still alive and hurt and so is reminded everyday about his pain and yeah. sad times.

I cannot wait! I'm pretty sure I'm on the right traim so yay! will blog soon. the roomm alice is putting me in has its own computer so yay :D

lots and lots of love,

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