Sunday, April 4, 2010

how does it feel that I love you baby

So now I'm on the train back to Aberdeen. the last two days has been amazing! Alice parents have been the best at accommodating me and I'm thoroughly thankful for their hospitality :) Her house was extremely cozy and fun :D and oh gosh.. after so long of not having a homecooked meal.. it sure was epic having it.. first night we had lamb stew and apple crumble and the next, chicken curry and a lovely raspberry cheesecake. the curry was amazing. had like two huge servings :D

Yesterday Alice and I headed down to Glasgow and boy did I enjoy myself :D about 6 hours of pure diluted shopping.. LOVES! hehe.

The scottish country side is absolutely magnificent. Gorgeous, picturesque, calming.. Totally lovely. this afternoon Alice dad brought us for a hike around a Loch (lake) and we hiked for about 5 miles and the scenery was breathtaking beautiful! like a picture on a postcard. Amazing. Unfortunately because we were going on a hike.. I didn't bring my bag and alas! my camera was in the bag. so that sucks ass -_-

we hiked into a quaint little village where we had our late lunch. Gah! the place was SO cute. named.. The Wee Blether. Diana, you would have LOVED that place. Seriously.

so in about an hour I'll be reaching Aberdeen now. got tons planned for tomorrow actually. will be hovering my room as well as making space for Nathaniel, Yong Bo and Shim who will be arriving very very early Monday :D gotta make space for three large boys to Sleep :p Then I'm probably having dinner with Julia and her parents who are visiting from Germany tomorrow night as well. so.. it's all good :)

Grr I am missing Max extremely much it's not even funny. Right now he's at a family reunion for easter and has no internet connection so that sucks. Cow :( gonna see him in approx. 8 days! exciting exciting exciting lah :D hehe

Right my fingers are "cramping" up cause I'm typing all this on my cell phone so yes will say bye.

lots of love!
Amelia x x x

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