Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't be ashamed to cry..

I seem to have a penchant for writing when I am nearing my exams. Oh wait, I know what that's called.. Procrastination! One of the very few things I am excellent at :P

Today, I talk about my cravings of the moment. Mostly food, but what sort of Amelia craving would this be if it didn't include anything superficial? mwahahaha Yes.
  • Deep fried crispy chicken/wings/whatever/any part. Just really deep fried juicy crispy heart clogging chicken please!!! I have such a strong craving for this it's not even funny. Can't seem to find any place that will serve a decent serving. People keep telling me to go to KFC's but it's not. the. same!! I sorta want Jollibee!! Especially when the chicken is fresh out of the fryer. Oh my dear god. I am salivating at the thought. That's how bad it is.
  • Some good pesto pasta. Unfortunately, the last one that I ingested was very very disappointing and now I will be on the hunt for the perfect one! I will not rest till I've found it! I am actually a ultra big fan of pine nut kernel. Love it to bits! While I was in Berlin, on my birthday Max's mom brought us to this delightful Italian joint at the corner of their apartment and I had a delicious pine nut kernel and tomato based pasta. It was most enjoyable. I wouldn't mind another plate of it right now.
  • Brunch! or a fulfilling plate of Full English Breakfast complete with fried eggs (or scrambled I don't really mind) and mushrooms! and sausages and toast!!! (refer to two post below on the perfect breakfast ;p)
  • Rice. I know this sounds really odd. But I really just want rice. Plain good ol' rice. Not the crap rice we get here. But proper Thai Jasmine Fragrant Rice. Or even better... day old Thai Jasmine Fragrant Rice fried with eggs and char siew. Oh my gosssshhhh!!!!!! I really don't get why the rice in UK sucks so much! its so bland and not yummy at all. Grr.
  • Shoes! and not just any kind of shoes. I mean shoes fit for summer. I want some sandals, slippers, and all open aired footwear. I bought the most lovely pair from Steve Madden :) Its sorta tribal looking I think. But that's about the most luck I've had with shoes. I cannot seem to find anything worthwhile or nice-looking for that matter. I am so mad about it! All I'm asking is for maybe 3 more pairs of equally pretty looking footwear and what do I get? nothing :( Sad times people...
  • Sunglasses. Last week, went out with Shevie and one of the items on my imaginary list was sunglasses. And nothing fit my face! We went to so many shops and tried on sooo many pairs. SO UNCOOL. everything looked so wrong and out of place so I am also on a quest to look for the perfect sunglasses (yeah, yeah I know. I am on the quest for so many things....). But I am certain I will fulfill this somehow :D
  • Swimsuits! Yeah everything seems so summery. And while I don't really have any use for swimsuits, I really do want one :P My old ones probably don't fit me anymore and yeahhh, might come in useful sometime. One really good advice I got from Max's mom was to always have a swimsuit with you, wherever you go cause you'll never really know what to expect :P so... I guess, in order to fulfill that I'd have to look for one first. It's so difficult looking for one decent one. It just never fits right and that infuriates me, so bloody annoying!!!
  • Long curly hair à la Dawn Yang. Like loose curls at the end. I've gotten pretty decent at curling my hair with the straightener but I'd like to have permanent ones on my head. Hair I mean, not a straightener :P but it would be nice to have long curly/wavy hair! I don't know how long my curls will last in the Brunei heat though. Which sorta sucks. Cause of the humidity and stuff. When I do my hair here, it lasts for two days mostly before I succumb to washing it (Lol, i make this sound like a chore. I usually have a hairwash everyday lah!) but yeah, I totally love doing curls on my hair. And like they are soft curls, not too harsh.. Love it! For the first time in like 6 years, I am not gonna perm/straighten my hair this time when I return to Brunei. I'm just gonna get a trim (to get rid of split ends) and that's it! exciting :D hur hur I want really long hair!!! :D
So yes, those are some of my cravings at the mo'. I will return to trying to study some Management. Wish me luck? :(

Oh wait, do you guys have any cravings at the moment? ;p



  1. go get a bikini :P hahaha

  2. Neva! hahaha Wish I had a body for it though =/