Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Immortal

bestfriends ♥

Was able to spend an entire hour talking to this girl, uninterrupted properly over the phone.. just like old times. It made me realise how very much I miss her. If only I had the money to fly her over here everything could be perfect. This girl definitely gets me like no other. She knows where I'm coming from. She knows why I do the things I do. She knows me. And I miss that so much. Someone who knows what I am talking about even if I don't finish my sentences. Someone who understands my reactions and over dramaticness. Someone who understands my paranoia and worries and doubts and why exactly I do all those.

I miss you becky. Today's talk was super good!! Ultra catch up time when I fly my ass back in June!!!!! and then more catch up while I stay for the next 3 months. You are going to get soooo sick of my face and voice and DRIVING MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

I really think I've forgotten how to drive. I know I've DEFINITELY forgotten how to reverse from a parking lah. Or park for that matter. This is not cool at all.

I can't wait to drive though.

Haha so off tangent. Love you Rebecca Nicholas Elicayyyyy :) :)


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