Thursday, May 27, 2010

Would you erase me?

Why do we do the things for the people we love?
I don't understand either.
Or stand the fact that they do the things they do?
Even when it annoys the fuck out of us.

I guess they say love conquers all. I guess you could say that. Or that, love is blind. But how blind must you be to see that not, that it won't work out but you've just gotta put a stop to some of their bloody antics. I feel bad for people in denial. My self included.

For the time being.

Thanks Christopher for this morning. :) I really needed those encouraging words. I totally appreciated you coming onto Skype for me. ♥

Anyhoo, Management was a bitch in the ass. Twice. It was not pleasant at all. Let bygones be bygones. I'll just have my fingers crossed and wish for the best (just a pass plzzzz). On friday which conveniently is a day away, I have both my Economics and Business Law right after each other. Who the fuck, in their right mind would put these two subject on the same day with 1 hours in between both exams? I hope that fucker burns :( I am angry about it, you could tell. Probably wouldn't be that angry if I had bothered to keep up with the Economical world and jury duty.

Tonight, for dinner I am hoping to have some mushroom soup (out of a can of course, where else am I going to get mushroom soup) and rice (microwavable because I am not bringing my gigantic rice cooker out to cook a plate of rice). Its simple. Easy. and I'm hoping, satisfying and yummy. I just want rice! how difficult is that!!! and fried chicken!!! but I guess that ones too difficult to fulfill :( :(

Was hoping Shevie would be back tonight so we could grab some decent dinner at town before coming back to revise my ass off (lol.....) but I guess she won't be anymore :( SAD TIMES PEOPLE.

Meanwhile, here I am with a bullet scar by the side of my face.

I kid, I have a gigantic pimple there and by the power invested in my bloody itchy kepoh fingers, it scratched it off. and now I have a bloody hole by the side of my head.

(-_-)" Nice going Amelia.

And just went I exclaimed my disgust with Glee, it bit me on the bum .Yesterday's episode was really good. I enjoyed the different GaGa costume copies and songs and they played my favourite KISS song as well; Beth. Oh that is one lovely song. I'm almost certain I wanna call my daughter Beth because of that damned song. But we'll see how next weeks fare and then I can decide if I'm still a fan of Glee.

I cannot wait for Harry Potter (BECKY YA HEAR THIS?). I was painstakingly (for Max) rambling on about Harry Potter for the longest time (or so it seemed). I just want to be excited :) even though, I am most likely to be disappointed big time by the fuckin' movie.

I am hungry, but I'm gonna wait for the boyfriend to wanna go to Tesco's to get some food. Don't wanna walk alone. The weather is far too cold to do so.

... I KNOW RIGHT. Bloody May. We've been having perfect 20degrees and today it fucks up and starts hailing! WTF.


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