Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hold her when she cries..

Oh gosh, been MIA-ing from the blog once again. However, there is a reason to that :D I have officially moved to my own 2bedroom flat! :D After a week and an entire morning full of being tortured i.e Moving all my crap from the dorm to here.. thank god I have Max and his friends to help me out initially, or else it would have taken even more time to move all this crap.

It's amazing the amount of rubbish I am able to accumulate in a span of 9 months -_-" At least triple the amount of clothes :0 i was pretty surprised, wasn't expecting that much..... hahahahhhhaaa...

Anyway, it's only 1.30pm and I've done so much I want to sleep forever. I'm even too lazy to head to town to buy groceries for dinner tonight! I'll just pop by tescos.. hopefully they have everything I need. or else I would be pretty -_-" at myself for being lazy. But I haven't been lazy at all!!!! All the carrying, clearing up, mopping, dishes... and I've been to tesco's once already because i needed food this morning or I would have fainted :0

Whatever. I love the flat. It's so homey. I'm home alone and I'm not even scared! The washing machine is droning on in the background and here I am typing, waiting for 2pm to come by so Becky and I can finally have our skype session :) I have missed her SO much! uncool.

Here are some pictures from my outing with Alice. Italian for dinner and Prince of Persia and oh-so-many laughs in between. I love this girl! Living with her for a year has been of my utmost pleasant. (wow that sentence has so much wrongs. -_-") And dinner was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.. the apple pie? TO DIE FOR. Its true.

Amelia :)

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