Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 different sort of tears.

Have been downloading music cause I've been so unbelievably outdated from music. K-pop, C-pop, J-pop, E-pop (?!) anything, anyone want to recommend anything? I'm open to all sorts of genres. :) so yes.

Oh gosh, Rain's voice never fails to make me melt into a puddle T_T

I need to buy:
1) A blackberry 9700 - white
2) more belts
3) some dresses
4) birthday presents for certain people
5) a ticket to Berlin to see the love T_T (I wish)

Ya This is so random. I am soooooo tired from doing absolutely nothing. I mean really nothing. I woke up at 10am, lazed to 12pm. Took a shower, ate a biscuit. At 1.45 talked to the love for a bit. Tea time at Empire with mummy from 3 to 5, which was very nice and lovely and very very filling. Came home, watched two episodes of Pretty Little Liars which was decent. Had some pineapples and ironed clothes and mopped the kitchen floor, took a shower. And now sitting in bed browsing through the awesome internet and listening to music.

Seems like a Sunday today.

I don't like going to sleep because it's when I'm trying to fall asleep when my mind always play games with me. And so I cry to sleep and wake up crying. I dream of you too much and it's not fair. I can take this and it will all get better in time. But right now, I really wish you were a arm length away from me so I can scoot over and fall asleep on your rising and falling chest. It's better here cause I have all my soft toys with me. I am terrified of going back to Aberdeen, to the flat cause I'm only ever going to have the memory of you there with me. The double bed will be empty with only me and my thoughts and dreams and memories of you. I am so so so so so scared.

Gargh. I am angry at how attached I have become to you. I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have.. (don't get me wrong, I don't regret it though..... CONTRADICTORYYYYYY)


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