Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh, Dream maker .. you heart breaker.

Yeeeeah. I don't know how to uh flip the picture around so it's the right way.

My brother came back from the Philippines with a big box of NERDs and a tee. I LOVE NERDS. There's something about the packaging and tiny little sweets that make me happy! :D

I have been spending my days. Driving around, visited the beach and consequently getting bitten 12 times by bloody sandflies and now I have to tahan the wrath of sandfly bites. They are torturous. Had dinner with a bunch of friends followed by an awesome round of gelato (I love vanilla flavoured anything!) and Jason Lew has gone back to OZ, it seemed only a while back when I met him on the plane back to brunei. mmm Spent today with the best friend and my mother. It was good time spent with both of them :) Good food as well!!

I'm going to spend my weekend in peacefulness. I am going to sit my ass down and do absolutely nothing much. I don't wanna drive around too much. I don't wanna do anything social for the next three days (I think). I wanna spend time with my momma and watch True Blood (Thanks to Becky for getting me hooked onto it). I'm getting quite used to the idea of Vampires. The ones that don't sparkle in the sun of course. :P

Hope you guys have fun this weekend!!


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