Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't worry, talk they will.

Hello wello :) I need to get back into this blogging business. Its horrid, my mind is not where it is, I nearly typed blogging as blodding. Hmm. Anyway, I have been back in the motherland (not really, technically, Malaysia *is* my motherland, but I've lived here for the past 19years so why the hell not.) for the past one week and a half, nearly two. And, what else is there to expect of Brunei? It's as hot as ever. The food is cheap and yummy. People make me feel fat and Max isn't here :P So you guys can guess how my days have been going by. I've seen a bunch of people already, saw Chloe (:() off.. and that was pretty heart breaking. WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE STOP LEAVING?!!!! haha, emo. Saw Rebecca today!! After like a billion years. and it was nice :) We got tickets to watch Eclipse (aha, don't diss! only watching it cause I've got the first two and Jacob Black is always yums. Or so his body is.. and plus my love for Kellan Lutz!!! although he isn't in many scenes as I would like him to be. His body is like phwoar T.T) soon and like YES. Met up with Diana a couple of times too! it was grrrreat! always is, with Diana. Managed to catch Toy Story 3 with Voonie as well :D SO CUTE LARZZZ.

I am working on my Berlin trip blog post :P I am trying to relocate my two weeks then :) It's gonna take me a while to finish it though, will be picture heavy. I really need to stop this procrastination business because there are too many things I have yet to blog about.

So I will leave,

Lots of love!!
Amelia :) :)

p/s WATCH HACHIKO: A DOG'S STORY!! Too sad, made me :'( tooo much. But of course I *am* a cry baby as well.

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