Monday, July 5, 2010

my heart leaks love, for you for you for you.

I really need to make more use of my camera! Hung out with Becky today :) and we didn't take a single picture :( sad times. Anyway, we watched Eclipse complete with awesome Brunei popcorn (the ones in UK really sucks SO MUCH ass) and super duper kaya & peanutbutter waffles (because that *is* the only way to go) :D

Anyway, Eclipse wasn't as disappointing as I thought it was going to be, although I am really not looking forward to the next installment (where all Bella does is try to conceive and when she does shit happens.) But this, Eclipse was pretty decent! like, I could do without Bella's constant broodiness and I could definitely do without those really cringy kissing and making out scenes between bella and edward. However, i *could* do with tons of Jacob Black shirtless (RAWR oh my god I feel the need to run my hands over his shoulders. HAHA) and i can definitely do with a whole bunch of scenes with Emmett (KELLAN LUTZ : current obsession :P) but yeah. Bella is SOOOOO annoying, that beeyotch needs to make her mind up. And for god sakes the whole world knows JACOB is perfect for her!!!!!! GRR. Oh OH! and how embarassing when bella was being all frisky and wanting to copulate and Edward is like, no. HAHAHAHAH dayum.

I love watching movies with Becky lah! it's been too long. All those inappropriate comments and laughing at the completely wrong scenes. LOVE IT! :D makes everything more enjoyable. I *heart* my bestie, she understands me she does. :P

and we are both wholeheartedly TEAM JACOB! although I think its safe to say till the 3rd installment (Eclipse) only lah! After that, I think jacob just becomes inappropriate cause he imprints on bella's daughter (with edward) and dude. That is just wrong.

"Team Jacob because real man don't sparkle."


So yes :) I'll get more pictures so I can blog!


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  1. OHHH YEAH JACOB BLACK YUM. Bella totaly needs to dump that sparkly man and be with that hot kampung boy roar!!!