Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I want you and I need you.

Today has been just lovely! After picking up the great Rebecca Elicay, we have a lovely breakfast filled with Cakoi (HEARTHEARTHEART) and Kolo mee with my mummy. And then after dropping the mother off, we head to get our hair cut (for me) and trimmed for herself! I am sooo happy with my end result! No, it isn't cut super short like Cleopatra.. never ever again. Stupid 17year old self. haha :P Although, it could be that now might just look good cause it has been properly blown dried and stuff!! I am going to be soooo obsessed with learning how to blow dry my hair properly! I'm gonna look for a round brush tomorrow! :D

After which, we had a whole bunch of sushi that made us too fool for easyway (which sucks cause I was definitely looking forward to a nice cup of passionfruit green tea with pearls) and then we just drove around town and did little meeny stuff like trying on contact lenses (cause I am in desperate need for em) and dvds :D cause yes. And then Rebecca realised her hair wasn't short enough and she went back for an extra trim :) During which! I have booked myself an appointment for a MUCH MUCH MUCH needed facial tomorrow at SkinC! :) Can't wait. My face is in such a bad shape I don't even want to look at it.... :P

And then when I got home, Max was online even so we chatted a bit and then I had to give Scamp a bath (which btw takes aprox. 1.5hours each time I do) and now I'm just chillin. :)

I love my best friend eventhough she gets mad when I forget lyrics to good songs and make up words. :D she gets my sense of humour (sometimes) and I think we sort of have telepathy powers when we are together/over the phone whatevs.

Ah shit. I have to go iron now. FML WE NEED A BLOODY MAID :( trust me and my luck. The month I come home the maid's contracts finishes and it's so bloody difficult to get a maid now a days. DEPRESSING STUFF :(



  1. Oh my god, my hair is exactly the same as yours. I got mine cut on saturday HAHAHA. Length and style the same.. except for a slight difference for the fringe. ;)

  2. NO WAY! hahaha meant to be ;) rawr. Do u have a short fringe?!!! smexy :D