Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kinds of people I despise.

I don't know why, probably that time of the month that is initiating all these really negative feelings. But I have a hit list that if one day murder isn't considered to be wrong. I will carry all these out.

The first kind of people that I will eradicate this earth of will be stupid perverted men who stare and go, "hi. hello. hi. hello." yeah. FUCK you. Do I look like I am about to engage myself in a conversation with you let alone say hi?! Half of these men especially the ones who stare, I am young enough to be their grand daughters or at least their fucking daughter and they don't have the decency enough to NOT STARE. Never seen a girl before is it?! fucking hell. I will BURN all these muthafuckers alive if I could. So degrading and GROSS. Especially the ones who goes ," hi whats your name/ Hi whats ur number/ hi ni hao ma" Ya'll just just go and crash into a tree and hope to god your fucking deadbeat of a car burst into flames and your door is JAMMED so you DIE.FUCKERS. I am pretty sure all the girls have gone through some kind of shit very similar to this. I am so tired of being said ," HI" to. It's so disgustingly lecherous. I feel so harrassed. GRR

The second kind of people that I will free the earth of are people who are super IMPOLITE. I.e the fucking cashiers/waitresses/waiters for that matter/ u get my gist. Who don't smile when attending to customers. Like as if we OWE them money. Fuck. Smile so hard is it?! When you're getting PAID for your fucking job. Fine, if you're not getting paid then I guess you have a reason lah. But really. U THINK I WANT TO LOOK AT YOUR FUCKING BLACK FACE IS IT?! fuck this shit. I hate it!!!! Stupid people, we need to pay our money to them and all we get is attitude. Fuckkkkkkk. Piss the shit out of me.

The third kind of people I will make sure the earth is safe from will be the kind that uses "anonymous." Kinda like Gossip Girl, but different. The kind who call you/text you and then WON'T FUCKING TELL YOU WHO THEY ARE! Fuck. So much time to waste and money also. You think very fun meh, play some fucking guessing game. Recently, I just got a fucking freaky stalker-esque card in my postal box in my house. Address to : LING (my chinese name) and FROM: "Her friend". Inside this fucking card which happened to be completely FILLED with fucking glitter, it says.. " It has been a year since lesen. Do u want to know who I am? If you want to know, text this number : #######" Firstly, I need to explain. I just recently renewed my driving license since it's been a year already. So. This person is from my driving school. #1, you can't even spell LICENSE correctly and you want me to TEXT U? How about no. #2, why the fuck are you being such a stalker. Sending such things to my HOUSE. How is it that you know where the fuck I LIVE?! Fuck. #3, I don't remember anybody from driving school. So WTF. SO GROSSSSS LAHHHHH. Gosh.

Well, these 3 are the main ones at the mo. Obvs there's tons more (cause I am a person full of anger..... lol) but yes. Do you guys NOT agree that these people should all NOT BE HERE?! fuckkkk.


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