Thursday, August 5, 2010

Painting pictures in the sky.

I love love love love you! :) ♥♥♥

I am so scared this feeling, this wave of emotions that happen ever so often, will never subside. Am I supposed to get used to this? Or let it be something new all the time? I think I'd rather let it be something that just happens, when it happens. When I see your face, when I think of you, when I listen to songs that remind me of you. Some days I feel better, some days I feel like absolute shit. Some days I don't even understand how I can feel the way I do. It's pretty amazing what you do to me.

Apart from that, it is safe to say now: I'm heading back to Aberdeen for my second year of University! :) Not that I wasn't already sure, I got the email yesterday confirming it. I got a two thumbs up from my momma and scared my dad cause he thought I meant that I failed and had to re-do first year :P Yeah, that's the amount of confidence I get from my parents :P

Also, we sort of found a maid! :D Oh happy days! Although it will take about a month for her to arrive but I am happy about it nevertheless :) It is going to be a lot better for my mom as well, all this work is tiring her out and it's bad enough that she looks so frail (-.-) Not having to do housework will be a lot better for her health and well being. And, if all goes well and the maid arrives in time, and there's time before I have to leave Brunei maybe we'll take a short trip to somewhere so yay! :)


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