Monday, August 16, 2010

Purr baby Purr.

I've been having a great couple of days :) If the weather wasn't so bloody hot everything would fall in place.

Anyway, those who follow me on Twitter would read that I've finally gotten an account on LookBook!!! I am very happy because I've been wanting to join for the longest time and now I am in. I've already got an outfit planned for my first entry and it pictures pretty well in my mind, but I'm not sure how it is gonna turn out. I hope it will go well :) Gonna head down to Diana's during the weekend and we're gonna spend time taking photos and everything! I am so so so so excited! I love clothes, I'm not necessarily into trends and what's going on in the fashion world but I really do enjoy dressing up and buying clothes that I think I look nice in :) Right now, I'm really into frills and lace and one sided tops although, all these 3 styles needs to be worn by tinier girls sooooo yeah :P I am soooo mad with myself that I didn't bring more clothes back to Brunei!!! So I only have a limited supply to work with but I hope to have more pictures and outfits when I head back to the UK.

So, I have been browsing through LB as I always do and I get soooo confused about the number of hypes some outfits get! It can be as simple as a pair of denim shorts, a white tank top and boots and this girl will get 1000+ hypes? And then, compared to another girl wearing a really creative outfit and she gets about 40+ hypes? I don't know what people look at really, I am quite confused about it. I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Whatevs though, (^_^) I'm just glad I can comment and stuff on LB!!!!! (Yes, I am pleased quite easily as you can see :P)

I have also unprivatised my blog for the mean time. I will private it again when I decide I wanna be all personal and shizz again but right now, it's open for all to see. I mean, if I wanna be serious about blogging then I gotta get used to people reading my posts right? :S haha

So hooray for life at the moment, all is well, all is good, all is lovely!

Have a pleasant day people!!!! 


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