Thursday, August 19, 2010

A lover or a friend.

I've been listening to Abba's The Winner Takes it All and it is SUCH a sad song! The lyrics are great and moving and it makes so much sense. I love me some good lyrics to listen to. I remembered crying so very hard when I was watching Mamma Mia and Meryl Streep started singing a rendition of this song. Too sad. I therefore dub it as the ultimate post-break-up song. Really.

The weather has been absolute shit today! I was planning to go jogging/running/walking but the weather turned crapped so I stayed indoors and continued my saga of being a glutton. Anyways, I ehm proud to proclaim that I have lost about 5 kilos since I've gotten back and I am happy! Just a bit more till my ideal weight which I am intending to keep forever (lol) because losing weight is not child play at all. It is tiring, difficult, painful both emotionally and physically. I would be satisfied with what I am right now (I really honestly do feel good at the moment) but anything more than 50 kilos is unacceptable for my mother so I will have to lose a little more. It's difficult but I understand where she's coming from and I sort of appreciate it, I suppose. Sometimes I get really mad but meh, what else is there to do right?

Looks like I have less than a month before I return to Aberdeen now. It's time to indulge in all the last minute things that I want to do/eat!!!

I think I'm getting a little more excited about going back everytime I think about it. Maybe in time, I'll be 100% excited to be going back, but I'm nowhere near. I sort of not wanna do anything for the mean time and stay home all the time and think about my life/things I want to buy. Go materialistic me! V(^_^)V

zzz I wanna cuddddleeee!!!!  *wails*


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