Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Me and my heart,

We've got issues.
Don't know if I should hate you or miss you. 

zomgz, I do not know how to use the new blogger settings. Hurhur, so until I really figure out how to use it please ignore the weirdly placed pictures and stuff. (*_*) Okay, i honestly don't get it. After much moving around I have managed to get all three photos into one line. !!!! I don't even know how I did that. In explanation for the pictures, mumsie dug out all her make-up the other day so I decided to have some fun and started painting my face. V(^_^)V hahahahaha

Okay, moving on to other pressing matters (not really that pressing lah). Last night mumsie and I headed to Grazie Mauri for the Sungkai promo (3 courses for B$20) which seemed pretty decent. Upon reaching we were super disappointed to find out that the 3 courses were pretty shit. With the desserts being just fruits and a scoop of ice-cream. And plus, it's $20 + 10% service charge which would mean all in all you'd have to pay B$22, which is the same price as Kitaro is charging and it will be so so so much more worth it in Kitaro. So, instead of ordering from the set menu, we ordered Mushroom soup (which was beyond heavenly. I love chunky mushroom soup and this was good.), a roasted chicken and rocket pizza (which was disappointing. The chicken was tasteless and the portion of rocket on the pizza was shameful.) and a pesto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms (Yes, i love mushrooms but this pesto pasta was odd as it came out creamy and we totally weren't expecting it. Borderline yummy though). To end the night we had a chocolate pudding (thang) to share and it was downright disappointing. The chocolate wasn't hot enough and the pudding part on the top was horrid and it used to be one of the best desserts in Brunei but now it has plummeted to its death and mumsie and I are both very very sad about it. Grr. All in all, we paid B$37. Which was a lot cheaper than if we both ordered from the menu (would have costed us B$44) and we concur that it was more worth it not ordering from the menu. I was still pretty unimpressed with the restaurant though, definitely not going back. Next place for sungkai is Kitaro!!!!! and maybe I-Lotus!!!!!!!

Wow, first time I've done a long review on food/restaurant.... Really annoyed about it though.

Also went to Shahbandar yesterday with Angel and it was lovely. The weather is boiling hot lahz but apart from that the workout was good. Too many monkeys in the beginning though so it was a little scary.

I also conclude that if I don't have enough food in my system I get the ugliest mood swings EVER. So I feel so bad for people around me cause these mood swings just come when my food has digested and then goes after I've eaten something. So the moral is probably to be eating something constantly all the time but that is bad because I will probably end up obese. To be not morbidly obese and moody all the time or to be obese and happy all the time. That is the question. (-_-)" But seriously, I sort of apologize for the mood swingz. T_T I really do not notice it until I've had something to eat and then my mood shoots right up and I'm all happy dandy till it wears off. Like drugs. hahahaha

Max is now in Hong Kong and eventhough, I don't really believe in a God, just a higher being. I hope to that higher being that he is safe always and let no harm come to that boy. I am quite envious of him! I mean srsly, brilliant food (THINK OF THE DIMSUM !!!!!! zzz) and eggtarts!!!!!!!! and shopping !!!! and SASA !!!!!! oh my gosh I could go on. But mainly I am envious cause of the awesome food. I wouldn't mind some mango dessert or tan tarts or guilingao or DIM SUM T_T zzz

I have typed a bunch today hehe. I sound so cheena today in my post I don't know why haha. Bad grammar and maybe spelling ( cannot be assed to read through and correct anything). Was supposed to do the LB photoshoot last weekend but shit happened so we postponed it to tomorrow. So hopefully after tomorrow there'll be some nice pictures to see!!!


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