Friday, August 27, 2010

For you there is no in between.

This is how I know the world is coming to an end. (Not sure about 2012, but definitely somewhere sometime.)

It didn't use to be this hot 3 years ago. Or even, 2 years ago. The weather is erratic, I feel like we're going through some crazy heat wave at the moment. MADNESS. I hate the heat so much, I have so little use for the sun. All it is doing is turning me brown (which I truly abhor), and cranky and sweaty and smelly. I hate it. It is too humid and it is too boiling hot. It is SO annoying! Why won't it rain?! I don't like the rain too much either, but I guess it would be a lot better than the sun shining down at us constantly. This will be one of the reasons I cannot wait to get my ass back to the Deen. It is raining there (I heard) but at least the sun won't be roasting me slow and steadily. I think I miss my cardigans and my coats a little now.

On a completely more materialistic note, reading KayKay's tweets on twitter about her wanting to buy an eBook reader makes me wanna have one too!!! It would be pretty nice to have one I suppose, and they all come in pretty bags (which you'd have to buy separately of course) and it looks super cool. And I love books, I just never find the time to sit my ass down and read anymore. So, I've been looking online for one and it might just make it on my "To-buy-list-the-minute-I-reach-UK-again". So far, I have a blackberry, belts and a cape on the list. Not too many, *proud* but I think I'll keep compiling it anyway. Maybe I'll even decide I don't need any of this shit so everyone can be proud about that too :P but there's very little chance on that happening.

I've been reading Jane Eyre of the late. Pretty decent book, one of the first few chapters made me tear up a little and I really do hate reading about death. It is always so sad and forlorn and it makes me emotional. But, I'm barely even halfway through the book because it take a while for me to get things, but so far so good :) I've had the book for ages now but never really bothered to read it.

I haven't seen Max in 4 days (And i don't think anytime soon), sure there's the whole facebook message to and fro but it's not much you know? I'd like to see his face and listen to his voice but I guess I shouldn't have to expect much. After all, he is in a foreign country where everything is new and exciting for him. I must be understanding and I must be patient. zzz sucks. And people keep telling me that it'll be cool to have him in the same time-zone as I am to which I always retort "As if." I knew what I meant when I replied that and sure enough, it is like how I imagined. Pfft. It's frustrating as well, to know he's only 3  hours (is that how long it takes to HK? I don't remember) away from me but yet, no where near. So close yet so far, the saying. Pfft.

Apart from that, I've been having the munchies lately and I think it's either because of the heat/my lady friend is coming sooooo that sucks too. I've been meaning to exercise but it's so difficult to find anyone who wants to especially in the weather and it doesn't help that 70/80% of the population is fasting so that's a no-go. I couldn't exercise today because there's some workers over and no way in hell am I going to go running in front of a bunch of guys. Grr so frustrating cause my mom always wants to visit all the gerais, and I like it but I always end up buying food and eating them and now I'm regretting and GRR.

Yeah, this post does make me sound like an angry fool. But I am feeling pretty good actually. :P So deceiving. Nothing majorly depressing is going on in my life right now. I'm leaving Brunei in less than 3 weeks! This time in a couple of weeks I'll be in my room in Aberdeen (without Max *sad face*) probably sleeping the jetlag off. I hope to god I don't get jetlag. I'm not gonna sleep in my flight at all !! *Gung-ho face* hahahaha Yeah. Bought more stationery today too. I love stationery.

Alrighty then.

Love love,

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