Sunday, August 29, 2010

You may say that I'm a dreamer..

But I'm not the only one. 
I hope some day you will join us.
And the world will live as one.

Okay, I am seriously obsessed with the garment shown above from Miss Selfridge. Not obsessed enough to wanna risk the £4 delivery charge that I won't fit the desired size though. But I have been looking high and low for something exactly like this and last night I found it. I just hope to god that in 2 weeks and a half, it will still be either online or in the stores!!!!!!!! It's so purdy, I cannot stop staring at it. (lol)

Still not a fan of the new blogger settings, but I'm adjusting.

Went hiking yesterday which was good as always, but perfectly halfway through it started drizzling and we (Angel & I) started panicking and we sort of quickened our pace (ish) and so we finished earlier, but I was so exhausted from the whole session! I am going to miss being able to nip down to Shahbandar in 3 - 4minutes and hike and see monkeys and everything :( I wish there were some kind of similar thang in the 'deen. It would be very appreciated by myself :P

I was chatting to Shevie last night, and I am honestly really excited now to start my second year. I wanna do fresher's week right this time round (Yes, I know.. not my freshers week but whatevs) . I wanna get new outfits and shoes and have good fun. I want to start 2nd year of Uni fresh and determined. I want to do well this time round. I want to organize my room and put posters up on the walls, develop pictures and stick them next to my bed so when I wake up I will see the people/animals who I love, and who makes me happy. I want to eat right, and learn to make simple delectable dishes that won't make me gain any necessary weight. I want to get the peak membership at the gym so I can go running/classes at night so I can keep fit. I want to be a size 8 or 6 by the time I'm done with second year. I just feel so determined this time!!! It is so much easier said than done but I really hope I can do everything that I hope to set my mind to. I want to write a lot more, on both this blog and my own therapeutic journal. I want to be more open minded and "maybe" sociable. (lol). I also want to get a job so I don't feel too bad about spending my parents money on things I want and don't need. Just so many things I wanna do!!!!



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