Wednesday, September 1, 2010

But you promised her.

"Sometimes, we love people so much that we have to be numb to it. Because if we actually felt how much we love them, it would kill us. That doesn't make you a bad person. It just means your heart's too big."
- Riding In Cars With Boys (Movie)
Soooo, today has been a pretty good day :) Met up with Eric, the smelliest who I had lunch with and then watched Grown Ups with. It was nice, the movie was great (FUNNY) and the food was good and I love popcorn and we got popcorn. AND I LOVE POPCORN! UK MAKES REALLY SHITTY ONES. I love popcorn in Brunei T_T it is sooooo sinfully yummy I can eat buckets of them. But the movie was a last minute decision, since we wanted to watch PCK and I'm glad we changed movies :) Or else I probably wouldn't have watched Grown Ups at all. So many other movies I can't wait to catch though,
  1. Eat Pray Love
  2. Dinner with the Schmucks
  3. Get him to the Greek
  4. You Again
  5. The Other Guys
And a whole lot more, been checking up on films on IMDB and like there's so many good ones coming out soon! MOVIE MARATHON (Streaming fest) when I get back to the Deen!

WHICH BTW, SUPER DUPER EXCITED NOW! Like, I think my time has come and I've had my time in Brunei which has been good, a little dramatic but I'm sure we all need a little drama in out life. I cannot wait to return to Aberdeen now! I have a feeling it will be an awesome year what with our own flat and everything! There is SO MANY THings I'm looking forward to now!!!!!

It's a good thing. Hehe.

Also my mom bought a lot of Kueh Sepit/ Kuih Kapit / Chinese loveletters. AND IT IS AMAZING!!! I can live on this (and kolo mee).  Dayum. Thanks Mum, I think the last two weeks here I am just gonna eat a little more liberally cause I wont be having these good things for a year!

Also, since it is September already. It is more or less than a year (well about a year and a week +) till I see the lovely most amazing Max!!!! Like see him physically which means I get to touch him and kiss him and do everything with/to him!!!!!!!! Defo something to be excited about. Skype is good but let's be honest, there's nothing much we can do except talk. and stare at each other. haha :)

I am in a good mood today, as you can tell.


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