Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Know there's nothing I wouldn't do.

♥Family ♥

Hello wello, greetings from Singapore. I've been here for the past 3 days bonding with my parents and eating practically non-stop. Might as well since I'm already here right?

As I type this, I am sitting alone in Terminal 3 of Changi Airport. My parents left to Brunei at 2.30pm and so I've been here alone using up my time since my flight is at 11.30pm. I also just had dinner. Inexpensive yummy sushi :) Maybe I'll have some indian later too, but I'm not too sure about that.

Saying goodbye to my parents was sad. My mom was really emotional and it was really depressing that if December doesn't work out that the next time I see will be in about 10 months. Thank the good lord for technology right?

Spent yesterday at Universal Studios with Mummy dearest :) It was good time spent, taking photos, laughing, walking under the hot son (miraculously I did not get a sunburn), queuing up for rides, eating... It was definitely a good time :) And I think Universal Studios Singapore is not too bad, maybe as a one off thing you know? Like I won't be returning anytime soon.. 

I am really not looking forward to the 13 hour flight to London and then the 5 hour wait in Heathrow and then 2 hours to Aberdeen. I'm actually quite scared about the flights. T^T But what can I do? Tis' is life. Tomorrow about this time I would have touched down in Aberdeen. Just about this time. 

Daddy has given me the green light for the blackberry torch but it's pretty pricey :( 24 months contract - £25/months and a lump sum of £300 for the phone. It sounds like a lot doesn't it? So I'm still deciding. Maybe I'll just settle with a Bold 9700 instead. If I buy it off Amazon, the torch will cost me nearly £600 not including the phone service bills sooo maybe the contract would be okay. I need to be smart, actually I just need to speak to a couple of people, discuss and come to a conclusion :P

I've skyped with Max♡ earlier on and that boy tells me he'll come back on again later so it will be nice to see him again :) I miss him so much, I don't even want to begin to imagine how Aberdeen will be like without him. Guess I'll find out in about 24 hours. 

Also skyped with Becky♥ for like 10 minutes because that dingo needed to go since somebody had come to pick her up. But it was nice to see her and hear her voice. Always so comforting hearing something recognisable.

The only person I've not skyped with is Kalowee♡ but she says she'll come on later since she's out with Markus at the moment. Once I skype with her I can safely say my day is complete already. Hehe :)

I have a super nice song playlist in my iPod names 'Missingism' and I love it! (well, yes I chose all the songs invidually myself but still!) It's going to keep me company on this journey back to the UK.

I will leave now.

The next time I blog I will be back in the Deen!!! Hopefully it isn't too cold/crummy.


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